Simulação em Tempo-Real de Nuvens Utilizando Billboards

Rafael P. Torchelsen (UNISINOS), Soraia Raupp Musse (UNISINOS)
In: Simpósio Brasileiro de Jogos para Computador e Entreterimento Digital, SBGames, Brazil, 2005.

This work describes an approach for modeling and animating clouds in real-time. We propose the sky generation based on a hierarchical model formed by groups of clouds. This model uses billboards in order to create volumetric clouds that can be processed in real-time, and it also introduces automatic generation of clouds diversity, composing different skies. Rendering of clouds rendering is performed using vertex-shader and a simple technique of light absorption very similar to ray-casting algorithms. The main applications of the model are games and interactive entertainment, where large areas of nature are represented in a realistic way and in real-time. We also discuss some results obtained with this model and compare them with clouds existent in real life. In addition, we present sky animation to visually represent climatic variations.

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