Editor para Textos em Língua de Sinais Escritos em SignWriting

Rafael P. Torchelsen (UCPEL), Antônio Carlos da Rocha Costa (UCPEL), Graçaliz Dimuro (UCPEL)

In: XXVIII Latin-American Conference on Informatics (CLEI 2002), infoUYclei, Uruguay, 2002. p. 1-12.

This work concerns the development of a set of programs to help deaf users in the creation of texts in sign language, based on the system of sign representation called SignWriting. The main program is an editor – called SWEdit -, to be used to edit texts in sign languages, and an auxiliary program – called AlfaEdit -, that updates the sets of symbols used by SWEdit. Both have been developed especially for deaf people, with interfaces that explore the ability of visual interpretation of deaf people, through the use of images instead of ordinary texts in the menus.






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