A Point-and-Shoot Technique for Immersive 3D Virtual Environments

Rafael P. Torchelsen (UFRGS), Marcos Slomp (UFRGS), Andre Spritzer (UFRGS), Luciana Porcher Nedel (UFRGS)
In: Simpósio Brasileiro de Jogos para Computador e Entretenimento Digital, SBGames, Brazil, 2007.

Modern computer games often explore graphics quality while leaving interaction and gameplay behind. Arcade machines may improve gamer experience by using special devices (instead of traditional joysticks) to interact with the game. We propose a technique for 3D “point-and-click” interaction that separates both camera and pointer control. It also explores audio and visual collision detection feedback to improve user spatial sense. The experiments were done within a virtual 3D environment, similar to that used in first person shooter games (FPS), a genre popular and well known by both the entertainment industry and gamers. It can also be used in applications other than games, to perform tasks such as “drag-and-dropping” objects, drawing and selecting in general. The results were compared with the traditional FPS interaction technique (mouse-driven camera with point-and-click interaction).




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